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Web & Data Hosting Solutions

Servers Inc has been serving the Internet community since 2002, we are a leader in design and hosting services. Our servers are state-of-the-art multi-processor units disigned and built by us for problem free, high-performance operation. All our systems are monitored 24/7.

We operate our own environmentally controlled data center which is designed to provide a secure and problem free environment for your data and equipment. We are connected to the local power grid from a substation less than 300 yards from our facility. Our fiber-based communication lines are provided via underground conduits connected directly to the local ATT station at a distance of slightly over 1 mile. All of our servers are connected directly to UPS backup systems to protect against minor power surges or interruptions.

In the rare case of a loss of local power, we have our own standby power generation and environmental control systems to keep you up and running.

Shared Hosting

For site owners or developers looking for a simple, care-free solution we have various Shared Hosting plans.

With our Shared Hosting plan your site is placed on a shared server to save you money. Many companies put as many sites on a server as they can. We limit the number of sites on the server based on total traffic and processor load. This way you can rest assured that a few heavily trafficked sites will not have a negative effect on your site performance.

Dedicated Hosting

Do you have a site with a lot of traffic or special service requirements? Are you a developer interested in hosting your own sites? Do you just want to have your own server? Our Dedicated Hosting solution is just what you need.

With our Dedicated Hosting plan you are provided with your own server along with remote access. You can design a hardware/software package best suited to your needs. Host your own, or client sites. It is entirely up to you. We physically maintain the server so you can concentrate on building your business.

Co-located Hosting

For the experienced system builder or corporate account with their own equipment we offer our Co-located Hosting solution.

Send us your equipment and we will get you connected. Don't need an open Internet connection? We offer on-site technical services to help you maintain your server should the need arrise. We have clients who co-locate their servers with us then use VPN or dedicated point-to-point data access lines to inter-connect their offices. For those in the medical fields our data center is HIPAA compliant. Don't risk your company business on a local cable or DSL connection

ColdFusion® Hosting

For site owners and developers needing e-commerce solutions we offer ColdFusion® Hosting

We offer shared, dedicated, and co-located hosting servers for use with with ColdFusion® and can accommodate sites designed with ColdFusion® 5.5 forward.

Custom Hosting

Servers Inc is constantly developing custom hosting solutions for our clients. Some of our solutions are proprietary and have been developed to help you engage in e-commerce. As we design and build our Custom Hosting solutions we will announce them here.

Many of our custom hosting solutions work together with custom software developed by us or services provided by our various partners.

No matter what solution you choose, Servers Inc. stands ready to provide quality hosting and development services. Our technical and development specialists are available to assist you whenever you need it. Let Servers Inc. be Your Technology Partner!