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How to Promote your Website

There are various methods available to site owners to help promote their website. Almost all of them are free or take little more than your time and can produce great results.

  • Writing for Others - Writing for Others happens when you write about your company in articles, posts, and blogs. Tell people about your services and/or products you offer. The more detail you can provide the more interest you will generate. Always be sure to include your website address, that's a great way to build links to your website.

  • Use Promotions - If you sell products make sure your shopping cart allows you to use promotion codes. Word gets around quickly and this is a great way to track various ad programs to see what works and what doesn't.

  • Use Email Marketing - We are not talking about SPAM here. We are talking about collecting email addresses from your customers and sending out periodic emails about special offers or items of interest. This not only is a great marketing tool but it will also help keep your company in the forefront.

  • Exchange Links - Exchanging links with other relevant sites is an easy way to gain both new clients and promote your site. The key phrase here is "other relevant sites". If you sell stamps, linking with a site that sells cell phones will do nothing for you and may even annoy your visitors. Linking to sites related to Philately on the other hand provides interst, and a valuable service, to you users. Even links to other collectable sites offers relevant information. Always be sure to request a reciprical link back to your site, and then check them periodically to verify that they are still there.

  • Develop a Newsletter - If your business is of a nature that would allow you to produce a newsletter you should consider it. Newsletters can be sent via email once a month and can provide meaningful information to your users. If well written and informative, it also can become a valuable resource that your clients will look forward to receiving.

  • Use Social Media - You can use social media such as Facebook or Twitter to reach new and existing users. Don't just create a page and then leave it to itself. You have to add/change content periodically. Send out "Tweets" about new products or specials. Once again, these are free avenues for you to use and explore.

  • Build on Organic Searches - When someone types a keyword or phrase on a search engine the results that display are a combination of paid ads (or listings) and unpaid listings. Organic search results are the unpaid listings. While paid ads (or sponsored listings) will always appear first, or have the most prominence, you can gain a free advantage by getting your site ranked high in the search engines. If you are not sure how to increase your search engine prominence follow the link below to learn about or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

  • Paid Advertising - While not free, paid advertising will get you noticed. You can purchase banner advertising, keyword ads, and sponsored listings with the various search engines or on other websites. Unless you are willing to spend a lot of money for unnecessary ads we recommend working with someone familiar with Internet advertising. There are ways to work within a budget and maximize your dollars that professionals are familiar with.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services