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Custom Server Solutions

Servers, Inc. offers a variety of custom server solutions. Configurations range from 1U to 4U, multi-core Xeon systems with a varying array of drive options.


We can provide entry-level systems for businesses that require reliability and performance at a lower price point. Our entry-level systems can be configured with multiple drives to provide data redundency (an option we strongly recommend), remote access capability, or what ever is required to meet your needs.

If your business requires maximum up-time and mission-critical performance we have systems with redundant power supplies, dual or quad CPU's, 4-8 core processors, and much more. All systems are can be purchased with the proper Microsoft® operating system installed and pre-configured.

Systems are built with only the highest quality componants from our partners - Intel®, Supermicro®, Western Digital®, Adaptec®, Micron®, and others.

All servers are designed for optimal operation regardless of the production environment.